How to support your favorite small business without purchasing a thing

“Shop small” and “shop local” are great concepts that we hear all the time, but the reality is that its not always that easy. Major corporations have found a way to decrease costs by purchasing things in bulk and making relationships that small businesses just don’t have the opportunity to make and it shows.

You’ll probably find much cheaper prices at any Walmart than you will at the Holiday Market in Royal Oak. I would love to do all of my shopping at small local businesses because I know that it would mean supporting someone directly in my community, but my sometimes pocketbook disagrees, and I’m sure you can relate. However, just because I can’t always afford to shop at my local businesses doesn’t mean that I can’t support them.

Here is a short list of ways you can support small businesses in your area without spending a dime

  1. Follow them on social media

    • Following a business on social media is a way to tell social media companies that you want to see the content that business creates. It also makes it more likely that other people will see that business’s content

  2. Comment on their social media posts

    • Regularly commenting on their social media posts helps them organically appear more often in other people’s news feeds. Even commenting with something as small as an emoji can make a huge difference.

  3. Share their social media posts

    • When you share anything on social media it will show up in the news feeds of your connections giving the business more exposure.

  4. React to their social media posts

    • Something as small as clicking “like” “love” or “wow” on your favorite small business’s posts can make a big difference getting their page seen by others.

  5. Tell your friends

    • Small businesses like mine rely heavily on “Word of Mouth” referrals meaning you had a friend who could use a massage and you told them to come to me. (Thanks for that, by the way) so make sure the next time someone is looking for a referral (for anything) that you have someone local in mind.

As a small business owner, I want you to know that I appreciate you for taking the time to read this blog, I hope it was informative and I appreciate your support!

Thank You