Its Time to Start Thinking About Your New Years

2019 is right around the corner, have you started planning your goals and resolutions for the New Year? I’m not big on “New Year’s Resolutions” because they always seem to be forgotten eventually. I do however like to make goals for the year and I would like to share some wisdom on making goals!

  1. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals:

    • S - Specific

      • Your goals should be specific. Think “I will run 500 miles” as opposed to “I want to run more”

    • M - Measurable

      • It is important that your goals are measurable, meaning you are able to track it in some way. In our running example, you need to either run on a treadmill or have some other method of tracking your runs like an app on your phone or a running watch.

    • A - Attainable

      • This one is important!! Make your goal something that you are actually capable of doing!

    • R - Relevant

      • You will want your goal to be relevant. If your overall idea for this year is to be a better athlete, trying every ice cream in town might not be a goal relevant to that idea.

    • T - Time Specific

      • Time is incredibly important because if you don’t put a time frame on your goal then there is no sense of urgency.

    If we take this into consideration and use our running example, this is what our S.M.A.R.T. goal might look like:

    “I will run 300 miles by December 31, 2019. I will use Strava to track my progress and connect with others. I know this is attainable because last year I ran more than 200 miles.”

  2. Make a Plan: Making the goal is only the first step toward achieving it

    • Once you make a goal you have to put a plan in place in order to achieve it. In the example above, I’ve made one large (kind of scary for me) goal and one of the ways I can plan is by creating bite sized goals to help me along the way. For example:

      • In order to reach my goal (300 miles in a year) I will have to run at least 25 miles per month. I like to give myself some wiggle room because I know that there will be some months where the weather will be bad or I just won’t be as active. I set a slightly bigger goal of running 32 miles per month to plan for the weather and lower activity. If I don’t make it every month I will still have a few extra miles to help me along my way to my ultimate goal of 300 miles next year.

      • 32 miles per month sounds like a great goal and relatively easy to attain; however I know that if I don’t have a specific plan I will not run enough and I won’t make my goal so what I like to do is create a running plan for each week so that I have something to stick to! Now if my plan changes as the year goes along that’s ok, but at least I have a place to start.

  3. Take Action!

    • Alright, the easy part is done, now the hard part begins. You’ve set a goal, and you’ve made a plan to reach that goal, now you just have to do the work. Get out there and put in the work to reach your goal! You can follow me on Strava to see my goal progress by clicking the link

    • I have a few great resources if you are interested in some help reaching your 2019 goals!

      • Personal Trainers

        • No Bull Personal Training - Tarek’s mission with No Bull Personal Training is to provide you with accountability, compassion, knowledge and resources that promote long-term, sustainable health and performance. Tarek will never sugar coat where you are; but he will absolutely meet you there. He believes in a systemic, progressive, yet diverse approach to training for all fitness goals.

        • Springer Time - Stephanie Springer is a versatile in-home personal trainer, who focuses on functional training. She brings equipment right to your home and also incorporates what you already have, with the idea of getting you into a routine that will stick.

      • Healthy Rewards for sticking to your plan

        • GET A MASSAGE - Make sports massage a regular treat when you are meeting your goals next year! As a special bonus, I’ll throw in 10% off a massage. Incentivize yourself so you can reap the rewards when you complete your goal for January! Click this link to book your reward now and get started!

        • Buy Yourself Something Nice - I usually go with something like a new pair of running shoes from Hanson’s Running shop ( or Run Detroit ( or bike gear I’ve been wanting from Fraser Bicycle ( But I encourage you to use your imagination, the possibilities are endless!

        • Sign Up For a Race - If you’ve been meeting your goals then you are ready to sign up for a race! thats where half of the fun comes in anyways. Check out Epic Races ( to see if there is anything fun you can sign up for!

        • Go on Vacation - This one is pretty self explanatory. If you are meeting your goals then go somewhere you’ve been wanting to go, or better yet, sign up for a destination race and kill two birds with one stone.