What A Year

The last blog I posted was all about creating goals for next year, but what I didn’t share with you was that before setting goals for next year, I always reflect on the past year. Here is what 2018 looked like for us.

  1. Delta:

    1. My dog was a terror at the beginning of 2018. She wouldn’t even let people into my house. So in April of this year we decided to hire Sit Means Sit: Metro Detroit to help us train her and I don’t think we could have made a better decision!

  2. Races:

    1. one of my goals for 2018 was to sponsor at least one race per month all through race season and I more than accomplished that goal. I sponsored races through both Epic Races and 3Disciplines and got to make some great relationships along the way. This year I’m signed up to do even more!

    2. I also had a goal of doing 3 triathlons this year but I didn’t make it. Thats ok, I’m going to make it my goal for 2019 to run a half marathon and an olympic distance triathlon.

  3. I Hired My First Employee

    1. And my second and my third!!!! Suire the first one didn’t work out, but I have high hopes for Camari and Amy who are both amazing women and excellent massage therapists!

  4. Vacation

    1. This year my husband and I went on some great vacations! First we went to Las Vegas with some friends from my husband’s fraternity (yes it was exactly as “fratty” as you imagine) and we went to San Diego with some of my friends from college which was an amazing experience as well! We also traveled to Traverse City for a triathlon and to Marquette to help friends fix up their rental property. Wow, What a great year!

  5. I Think I’m A Business Owner

    1. This year I have learned how to build a website, how to write email copy, how to properly post on facebook and instagram and SO MUCH MORE! Not to mention everything I’ve learned about the hiring and managing process. I think that 2018 was the year that I really learned how to run a business (I’ll probably say that every year after this too, but we’ll see…)

I hope to hear all about how 2018 went for everyone soon!

Erika Andersen