Orthopedic Massage

Are you in pain? Do you know the source of the pain you feel? So many of us don’t. So many people feel pain and have no idea where that pain is. Our massage therapist may be able to help with that.

Orthopedic massage is relatively new to the Metro Detroit area. Dr. Ben Benjamin, Ph. D. has spent the last 2 years teaching a select few massage therapists in metro Detroit to assess and treat many common injuries and you’re in luck; our very own, Amy Potter is one of those therapists.

Amy now has the skills to assess the pain you are in and hopefully find its source. Through a series of questions and physical screening she will work to figure out which structures might be the cause of your pain.

Below you can see a diagram of what happens when you have an injury. Now this image shows something like a cut on the skin, but the principle is the same if you have deep injuries inside the body as well.

scar healing

As you can see in the image above, even after the wound appears healed on the skin, the scar tissue is still there underneath. That scar tissue is much less flexible than the surrounding healthy tissue which means it is more susceptible to additional injury. When you have small injuries over and over again in the same place, you start to get so much scar tissue that your body sends pain signals to keep you from re-injuring that structure.

Orthopedic massage uses screening and assessment to find which structures might have scar tissue, and then cross fiber friction to help break up the scar tissue to allow healthy normal tissue to replace it, then with exercises and stretching your body can try to go back to its “normal” pain free state.