International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day, which has me thinking about the women who inspire me. Women like Mary Barra (CEO of General Motors) and Dara Torres (12 Olympic medals over the course of five Olympics), in addition to so many others, have empowered me to be the best version of myself. I want to make sure to pay it forward by inspiring others as much as I can.

On a day like today, I want to take a moment to remind everyone that, in order for all of us to succeed, we need to uplift, help, and empower each other, always.

Don’t be scared to tell the woman you pass in the grocery store that her shoes are beautiful. Tell your friends that they’re amazing and appreciated. Reach out to others in your industry (Janelle Green, Rebecca Joann Brumfield, and Erica Olson) to tell them that they inspire you. Be supportive to the young women in your life; let them see you succeed, and maybe even more importantly, let them see you fail with grace.

Use today as an excuse to support your local, women-owned businesses, such as:

  • Superior Massage Therapy - Erika Andersen

  • Motor City Tan - Kate

  • The Men’s Chair - Allison Drake

  • Evergreen Life Chiropractic - Dr. Kristen

  • Epic Races - Eva Solomon

And, larger women-owned businesses, such as:

  • New Belgium Brewing - Kim Jordan

  • The Milk Bar - Christina Tosi

  • Stitch Fix - Katrina Lake

Take this opportunity to realize your own worth. Know that you are amazing and deserve to be recognized for it. Celebrate each other, and celebrate yourself. You are alive. You got through today. You will get through tomorrow, and every day after. Happy International Women’s Day!

Erika Andersen