How to Recover

We all know that in order to get better at a sport you have to practice and practice and train and train, but what many people don't know, is that recovery is almost as important as all the time you put into training. now a lot of people aren't totally sure what we mean when we talk about recovery so here is a list of things that can help you recover from dificult activities, workouts and competitions.

  • Sleep - did you know that massage is associated with helping people fall asleep and have better quality sleep?

  • Proper Fuel (food) - I think this is the most neglected area for performance and recovery. Fuel your body well and it will perform so much better

  • Replenish Fluids - Most of us remember to stay hydrated during an event or workout but forget to do so before and after. You will recover SO much better and quicker if you replenish your fluids after a race or competition

  • Massage - Metting massage can help decrease Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) increase flexibility, help you fall asleep and have better quailty sleep, and over all help you recover more quickly.

  • Stretch and Foam Roll - This will not put us out of business! It actually helps us do our jobs if you do self massage between your visits with us.

  • Active recovery - this is an important step! when you've had a hard workout day or a big race, don't just sit around on the couch hoping to recover! Get on your bike with low resistance for a little bit, or go for a short easy run or walk, believe it or not you will actually recover more quickly by doing these things!

  • Ice Baths and Compression - Anything that helps your blood flow good for recovery, things like an ice bath, cryospa, or compression pants are amazing to jumpstart your recovery!

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